Monday, 25 May 2009


Everyone remembers the scene in Titanic where Rose is looking all pretty at her dressing table and her rich fiancĂ© comes and puts that beautiful necklace on for her, and then the whole story of its journey from neck to safe to pocket etc etc, and then Rose threw it into the sea. Tiffany's has gone to the bottom of the sea to retrieve my love, just like that space man in Britney's video <3>The site was all American in dollars but i'm thinking $140 is about £90? I don't know.. I know I need it though


Links of London Anthology key pendant... Made of stirling silver and turquoise. It looks like an old-fashioned house key, I can just imagine it being used to unlock some private room in an old victorian house. I love keys like this, there's something mysterious about them and whatever it is they are used to lock away nthat I'm not supposed to get at. The silver and turquoise add a modern dainty, feminine feel. <3

Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Problem With Debenhams

You go in for one thing, and see so many more demanding your attention and bank card. I was in today on my search for the blazer, and I saw a beautiful white dress in the warehouse section. It was all pretty and girly and frills and lace, but unfortunately my balance does not stretch to £50 pretty dresses when there's blazers to be bought :( Also, for some reason the lighter the colour I'm wearing, the more attractive I seem to be to anything that can mark, stain, or generally ruin clothing. Here it is, anyway...

I also saw on the website that it comes in a cream shade, I prefer the white though. Gorgeous!


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

If I Could Walk in Heels..

Topshop caged "Razor" shoe.... <3>

Dorothy Perkins T-Bar and Cut-Out Detail Platforms

I can't walk in heels... it would just be dangerous to attempt... so I feel it is my duty to encourage everyone who can to buy beautiful shoes on my behalf <3>

Topshop..? Why can't you be good where I live too?

I am not usually the kind of girl that plans outfits days in advance with every detail coordinated and perfect.. but I'm going out tomorrow night.. and I will be wearing this ^^^^^

And, I decided I wanted 1 of these to go with it:

That's the Topshop Boyfriend blazer that I was after, around £50.

But the Topshop blazer was nowhere to be found, so I got this instead:

£20 less from New Look!! I love the sense of pride when a bargain is found :)

I had a little rant about Topshop before, BUT it suddenly dawned on me why I don't like it when I go in, but everyone else has lots of lovely Topshop goodies... the shops round here are crap and the Topshop is so small they literally cram stuff in, and none of its the good stuff.. just like most other shops round here really, its very annoying. Like the blazer, I don't think they even stocked it here. I couldn't believe my eyes when I went in a shopping centre somewhere else and they actually had STUFF, NICE stuff, piles and piles of it!!!