Thursday, 30 July 2009


After doing the little quiz thingy, I've just remembered my favourite lip gloss of all time and I can't believe I forgot about it!! I just use Vaseline Rosy Lips for gloss now, but I used to have this tiny tube of Pout Plump in Bubblegum that came in a set with balm and exfoliator which is long gone - I have no idea where to buy Pout products and it drove me mad for ages til I obviously blocked out the feelings and settled for the budget friendly stuff.

It was the perfect pink colour, had good pigmentation and it definately plumped my lips, it wasn't too sticky but it stayed on well and smelled of peppermint and tasted good too.

Then I find out Pout closed their doors on us and all their products especially this are really hard to get hold of :(

Now I have a dilemma, theres some on ebay, but Im saving money, but I really really want it, but itll be £20 with p&p, but omg, but it says they'll wrap it all pretty so I guess I should buy it?

I'm off to read terrible reviews of cheapo lip plumper to square this with my conscience!!

Boredom strikes

I see these little quiz things everywhere and they look fun :)


Shampoo: John Frieda Luxurious Volume/Head and Shoulders Damage Rescue

Conditioner: John Frieda Luxurious Volume/Head and Shoulders Damage Rescue

Hair Mask: Aussie 3 minute miracle luscious long

Styling products: Luxurious volume mousse and blow dry lotion

Shower gel: Radox shower therapy shea butter and ginger

Body moisturiser: fcuk orange blossom and pomegranate whipped bodycream, Body Shop wild cherry body butter

Deodorant: Dove original roll on

Fake tan: No7 quick dry tinted lotion in light/medium or Garnier skin naturals Summer Body with Apricot

Cleanser: Boots tea tree and witch hazel, or Body Shop vitamin e cream cleanser

Exfoliator: Boots tea tree and witch hazel

Primer: Boots tea tree and witch hazel moisturiser acts as a base :)

Foundation: Don't wear any

Foundation brush: Nooooone

Concealer: Dr Harnik's dark circle corrector

Powder: Prestige skin loving minerals

Blusher: Me Me Me Shimmy Shimmers pink shimmer

Bronzer: Me Me Me Miss California duo (never really wear this!!)

Highlighter: Don't use!

Eyeshadow base: Don't use one I really should start I guess I just trust the moisturiser as a base

Eyeshadows: Virgin Vie Ready to Wear collections, the Pink one for day (the names been worn off) and Moody Blues for night usually

Eyeliner: Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer - Noir

Curler: Miss Make up/fcuk

Mascara: Me Me Me Fat Cat Lashes -black

Lipstick: No7 Sheer Temptation -Excite

Lipgloss: I just use Vaseline Rosy Lips

Nail colour: Barry M - Raspberry or Rimmel french manicure - French Rose

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Ok after all that negativity and grumbling, I have something positive to shout about! I'm sure everyone is familiar with getting a crapload of products at christmas/birthday times and leaving the kind gestures to fester for a while.

My kind gestures in question were The Body Shop's vitamin e cream cleanser, and the matching toner. I do regret leaving these to gather dust, I just tried them for the first time and love ensued <3
The reason I hadn't used them before was that I used to have very bad spot prone skin in my teens, and I still do get breakouts unless I use the miracle range I discovered which is Boot's tea tree and witch hazel - I have most of the products in the range and even if I don't use them for a few days the spots start rearing their ugly little heads.

Because I trust the Boot's range so much, its hard for me to trust anything else as I don't want to risk breaking out and wasting money.

However, I finally gave the Body Shop Vitamin e cream cleanser and the toner a go, and I was very impressed. They removed my make up really well which is something the Boot's stuff doesn't do, they went on so smoothly and they sank in right away not leaving me at all greasy! My skin was also so soft after, which was a claim of the cleanser.

I'm not sure if there is a moisturiser in this range (I did wonder when I got them as most rangers do cleanser, toner, moisturiser?), but I noticed the areas of my face prone to dryness like my jawline could have done with a bit more moisture by the end of the day so if there is a moisturiser it'd be well worht completing the set - otherwise these products were great and I'd definately recommend them!!

Hair Removal? I Think Not

Well I was browsing shops today and in M&S came across "3 Hair Remover Mitts" that leave your legs feeling "silky" and "hair free". Well for 1 pound I'll give anything a go specially when it involves being silky and hair free.

Having now tried these mitts, my advice is save your pound coin for something more worthwhile like seeing how long it takes to make a splash in a DEEP waterwell, at least then it will still be gone but you won't be left in the grudging possession of 3 bits of sandpaper that lied and stole your money.

I really need to stop being such a marketers dream - its not really a badge to wear with pride, is it. O yes, I'll fall for anything as long as it's typed in pretty letters on a packet of some sort... gah

I promise I learned my lesson this time!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Being good

So I blew most of my money on a holiday with friends (which was worth it of course), and now I face the grim prospect of SAVING UP to get get through my last year of Uni.. no more not-quite-just-window-shopping, hello actual window shopping, except not quite because I don't have enough restraint for that.

I'd better get my maps out and plan routes to get around this place that don't involve passing enticing sale signs or gorgeous window displays.. unless I just give in to it and wave goodbye to being 'in the black' for the forseeable future.

I might be alright though because in a strange twist of personality or whatever I'm not lusting after clothes and shoes so much as lamps and kitchenware, I guess its finally sinking in that after this year I'll be forced out of my pre-furnished 1-room student paradise and into the cruel world of real-flat hunting etc!!

(I don't expect this budgeting mood to last long)