Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Black Nails

I have just been on my travels to buy black nail varnish, and as Barry M had run out I was forced to look elsewhere - found this stuff on an introductory offer and I love it!! I think its been around for years, but they've just introduced a new collection - Shanghai. The black is a part of it, called Noire De Chine and all the colours were inspired by Chinese art - This reminds me of thick glossy paint on wooden oriental boxes my parents picked up from somewhere. The brush is thick, as is the formula, and it is relatively easy to put on although as it is so dark any mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. It is very shiny but it looks a bit patchy unless you apply a couple of coats. Takes a while to dry but I have found that with other Bourjois nail polish that claims to be quick drying as well. It says it lasts 7 days but.... we shall see haha

Friday, 10 April 2009


A new haircare range I just discovered, John Frieda Collection's Luxurious Volume.. I really can't stress enough how much I love this stuff, my hair has ALWAYS been really flat and fine - good because I don't have to straighten it but I hate it looking lank and I love big hair. I tried other volumising hair products like the tresemme range and Garnier Fructis but I can't say they made much difference... ever since I started using this, my hair has definately been thicker, had more volume and been easier to style, not to mention the shine it has added. I also sometimes get a bit of a flaky scalp and that seems to have disappeared since I started using this too :D I've been getting heaps of compliments and people say my hair is really "bouncy" as well!

I have the shampoo, conditioner, mousse and blow dry lotion although I think there is more in the range. They seem to all cost somewhere between £5 and £6 in boots, the reason I tried it was because sometimes boots give away £2 professional haircare vouchers and the John Frieda collections are usually included. I'd never really bothered going for the more exensive shampoos etc but after this I don't ever want to go back!! I managed to catch the range on offer with 3 items for £10 so if you go in at the right time with a voucher or offer it can be more affordable.

Red Nails

I love Barry M because in general they are good quality and cheap, but I stopped painting my nails for ages so wasn't up to speed on what was out there in terms of nail colours (stupid nail-biting). I just bought #273 (raspberry) a beautiful deep pinky purple and I LOVE IT!! Definately a reason to keep up the new notbitingmynails thing. I've had nail paint from Barry M before and in comparison with other cheaper brands I find it goes on well and can last quite a long time - I also got #272 (shocking pink) for a pink and black theme hen party and this is also a new love. Will definately be going back for more :D

I think they cost £2.95 each.. I go to superdrug for mine but boots also stocks Barry M now. I love the bottles as well.


*edit* OK I have now got #119 (baby pink) and am not impressed!! It doesn't go on nearly so well, I don't know if I'm just bad at putting on crappy nail varnish but it seriously has taken me about 5 attempts to get it looking like not a complete write off. Maybe its just because it's a lighter colour, I don't know. The trick is to put it on very thinly I think but its not that easy for impatient people like me with short attenion spans and unsteady hands.