Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bits and Bobs

I went shopping with my sister and inevitably spent more than I should have! I'm at that stage where I'm so bored of everything in my wardrobe though, so it's nice to inject some fun new things :)
All of them are from H&M, so nothing was too extravagant. I've been wanting high waisted denim shorts for aaages, so £15 for these is alot better than £20 for the ones I saw in New Look..

The black dress is alot like one that Zara had out a while ago, but at £15 was probably alot cheaper.. I just got it for work, even though some would say it's 'too short'..! In my humble opinion black tights make everything ok :)

I got this tan shift dress for a 30th at a fancy hotel,because after looking through my wardrobe I sadly realised that I really don't have any 'classy' things to wear! I love it and think the shape is so flattering, but it didn't seem to photograph well.. the colour has a slight sheen to it in the light which is really pretty. It was £24.99, but I thought seeing as it was needed for a special occasion I could be bad and get it!

That's all really, still trying to cut back on spending so no more shopping for me!

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