Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I got my first tattoo today! I've wanted a feather on my wrist for ages, and looked at all the local tattoo shop galleries. They were all so cartoony except for the place opposite where I work which is really good for realistic designs. I already had the picture of what I wanted printed out, but I needed to know they wouldn't make it into a mickey mouse image on my skin and I'm really pleased with it :) It's still a bit red and swollen so isn't looking its best yet, but I've been given good aftercare instructions so hopefully in a couple of weeks it'll be all healed! It is a little bigger than I originally wanted but I still love it, hopefully I won't change my mind anytime soon or else I'm stuck haha

To care for it,

first 2 days : clean & dry every 3-4 hours, apply bepanthen cream and wrap with cling film

first 2 nights : clean, allow to 'breathe' for 1/2 an hour, apply bepanthen cream and wrap with cling film

for the next 5 days : apply bepanthen every 3-4 hours

for the next week : apply bepanthen 2x a day

To be honest I'm not looking forward to 2 days at work with cling film on my arm applying nappy rash cream, but they need to be cared for otherwise they scab and peel (ick). I'm sure I'll get a few funny looks, which I already have done just for planning to get a tattoo, but ya know, it's my body and just because it isn't to everyone's tastes doesn't make it a bad thing!

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