Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tiny Weeny Primark Haul

Being bored in the centre of town isn't good, "let's just nip into primark, just to have a look.. I won't buy anything!"

I love the top, it has a cottony front with a chest pocket and a sheer back with a big dip and a chiffony bow which I can't wait to wear on a night out. (with a bandeau top or something underneath if I can't find a backless bra that I trust obv!)

I'm not sure about the boots, should I take them back? Should I keep them? Or take them back? ..or keep them? I have one on my foot right now and it's so comfy. I think they look like a modernised version of Victorian children's boots with the string laces and shaped toe/studded strap, I'm just not sure how much I'll wear them :/ guess I'll have to see if I end up reaching for them when getting ready or not!!

We also went to the park, it's so rare for my days off work to be lovely so we took our superhealthy McDonalds and sat in the sun for a while :)

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