Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It's been a while..

Well, a couple of years..! I just had fun reading all my old posts, it seems like so long ago. I thought I might try to start blogging again and see if I can keep it up, it'll be fun :)

So what's been going on since I abandoned ship? Well, I finished uni with a BA in Management with Human Resource Management, I moved out of my student flat into a mouldy flat which I was promptly evicted from for no good reason while struggling to find a full time job, then everything came together and I am now working full time in an office and renting a lovely clean flat :) My job is only temporary til December, but it might get continued and things are looking good although I'm trying not to get too excited, at least I have experience now if it falls through!

Not much else has been very exciting, I've just been working, spending too much of my hard earned pennies and letting off steam with friends when I can, things are going really well at the moment.

I went to Edinburgh with a friend a couple of weeks ago which was my 'holiday' of the year, we had an amazing time evenb if some it was just so bad that it was funny!

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