Sunday, 14 August 2011

New Things (Primark, DIY)

I went to Primark again (oops!) and picked up just a couple of things. I was quite excited to find this bag as I've needed a smaller bag with enough room in it still for my stuff for a while, and I love this one. I also got some chinos, just because I'm bored of just having black trousers for work - there was heaps of different colours, but only 'duck egg' in my size.. I do like it though, luckily :)

I got a bit scared after reading about how bad the paraffin wax most candles are made out of is when you're burning it, so I did a bit of research and not only is soy wax so much cleaner to burn, it also lasts longer and is meant to have a brighter flame and 'throw' scent better - lovely! I now have a pretty Soy wax vanilla scented cocktail candle :)

I've had quite a good weekend, just relaxing with some Jonathan Creek after work on Friday (what a hellish day at work that was!!) and out for a couple of drinks on Saturday night with friends, which as usual ended in some McDonalds fine dining lol. It's Sunday now and I'm a bit sad that I've got to get up for work again tomorrow, but never mind, I have a week and 2 days off as of Thursday.. seriously can't wait :D just 3 more days to get through, and I always try to be optimistic and hope that each new week might be better than the last.. wish me luck lol

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